About Us

Barks & Recreation is the premier daycare, boarding, and grooming facility serving all of Northeast Ohio. Our mission is to always provide a safe, fun and beneficial experience for your pups — and an easy, relaxed experience for you. We know you wouldn’t trust your pup with just “anyone” when you can’t be with them. We truly believe that we’re the perfect place for your furry kids — but we also believe in earning your business. Please click the links below to see what separates Barks & Recreation from the rest and what makes us the perfect place for your furry kids (and for you).



We all know that dogs love their humans. But we sometimes forget that dogs are pack animals and wanting/needing to be part of a pack is a deeply instinctual for your pup. When socialized properly, dogs enjoy having time with “their own”. Studies show that dogs that are allowed to participate in their natural pack environment become more social around dogs and people, stay more physically fit, and learn positive behavior – which leads to less doggie “mischief” at home. Beyond these important outcomes, there are things that dogs simply learn better from each other – things humans simply cannot duplicate or teach no matter the training!

Our philosophy is to not only encourage the physical stimulation that your dog craves, but also the mental stimulation that can only be achieved by observing and interacting with other dogs and their behaviors. This unique combination not only keeps your dog active and helps to maintain a healthy weight, but also keeps their brain active and busy – which can calm destructive tendencies, relieves boredom and anxiety, and can make for a more confident, calmer dog for you to enjoy!

We’re Here for Your Pup (and for You)


    At Barks & Recreation, your pups are free to play wherever, whenever, with whomever they choose. Our facility features two different areas for your pups to play with friends their own size. The Little League room is for pups 12 lbs. or smaller and the Big League area is for all pups 20 lbs. or larger — dogs between 12-20 lbs. are welcome to play in either area (we leave that choice up to their parents.) We also know some of your smaller pups love to run with the big dogs – so as long as mom or dad say it’s okay, we’ll let the Little Leaguers play with the Big Leaguers too! And when your pups feel like taking a break, we’ve got beds and cots throughout the facility to recharge the batteries before getting back at it with their furry friends.


    Your dog is not required to be dropped off or picked up at specific, set times. We understand that not everyone (or every dog) has the same schedule — so we do our best to be flexible and accommodating. We get it — some days start at 7 AM and some don’t end until 7 PM –  and we will do our best to be there when you need us and we are ALWAYS ready to play.


    Your pup will love coming to play with us everyday — but that doesn’t mean he or she has to come everyday (or even every other day) to get the benefits of daycare. Some of our stay-at-home parents are amazed at the difference in their dogs from coming by to play once a week. Some of our customers even have a standing reservation for a specific day of the week to bring their pup to play. Their dogs quickly learn what day is “daycare day” and they cannot get ready and out the door fast enough.


    We know not all pups have the same needs — and we won’t charge you for making sure your dog’s needs are met. Older dogs who need a nap? We can do that! Young pups who don’t know when to quit playing hard? We can arrange a snack and rest for them too. Medications? Sure! Our goal is to meet the needs of your four-legged family member – just let us know how we can help!


With two locations in Macedonia and Tallmadge and easy access from major highways, Barks & Recreation is uniquely positioned to serve all of Northeast Ohio. Our one-of-a-kind facilities are set up to maximize safety, flexibility, and fun for your pups. Each location features two different areas for your pups to play with friends their own size. The Little League room is for pups 12 lbs. or smaller and the Big League area is for all pups 20 lbs. or larger. Dogs between 12-20 lbs are welcome to play in either area (we leave that choice up to the parents). We also know some of your smaller pups want to run with the big dogs – so as long as mom or dad say it’s okay, we’ll let the Little Leaguers play with the Big Leaguers too! Your pups also have free and open access to our 4,000 sq. ft. outdoor space during the day so they can run in and out as much as they please.

little dog chewing toy rope facing right

Each facility is also equipped with various jungle gyms and other climbing toys to encourage exercise and play. Our Coaches have even been known to pull out the swimming pools on hot summer days for the pups to splash around. Of course, eventually even the most active pups will need a break. So we’ve also got plenty of beds and cots throughout each facility for the pups to chill out and recharge the batteries while still getting to be out with the pack.

While boarding at Barks & Recreation, your pup will not sit in a kennel. Since daycare is included as part of our boarding services, your pup will enjoy running and playing with his pooch pals while being monitored by the staff. And at meal times and bed time your pup has their own 6′ room to eat and relax in. That room is just for them and you are more than welcome to bring your pup’s bed, blanket, and favorite toys to make the space feel more like home.

We always want you to be able to see your pup while they are at Barks & Recreation, so please feel free to check in by using our live webcams on your computer or smartphone!


9849 South Freeway Drive

Macedonia, OH 44056

(330) 467-9988



339 Tacoma Avenue

Tallmadge, OH 44278

(330) 634-9515


Our Team

Our coaches are dog fanatics! All of our coaches have completed training in dog behaviors and socialization, are certified in Dog CPR (through Pet Tech), and are trained to give medications including subcutaneous shots such as insulin or allergy shots. Our team has worked with all breeds of dogs and are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for your pups to play. And perhaps most importantly, they all love dogs and will treat your pup as if it were one of theirs.



Amy has made taking care of and advocating for dogs her life’s work and passion. She began working in doggy daycare while attending college and after graduating from the College of Wooster with degrees in biology and chemistry (original plan was to become a veterinarian), Amy has spent the past seven years as the owner and operator of Barks & Recreation. She has worked with various rescue groups and has fostered over 110 dogs — in her own home. She currently has five rescue dogs of her own that she and her loved ones consider “family members”.