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9849 South Freeway Drive

Macedonia, OH 44056

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  • After trying other daycares that just did not give our Great Danes the love and care that they deserved, we began looking for alternatives and found Barks & Recreation. After talking with the owner, Amy, our Great Danes were invited to come in for a visit to play with the other dogs and make sure that they were comfortable in their environment and played well with the others. After seeing (and feeling) how much they truly love all the animals, we were sold and we’ve been with them ever since. The Staff is top notch and always take the best care of our kids. They are loving and kind and we know that our dogs are getting the best care possible. We also love that we can watch them play on the cameras and the daily report cards are really cool. Our kids have spent overnights there as well and are sad when they don’t get to go at least once a week. I would highly recommend using Barks and Recreation as your home away from home for your hairy kids.

    Larry and Bonnie Napora
    Silver Lake, OH
  • Our two husky’s — Remington and Colt — adore the crew at Barks and Recreation. They love the time they spend there at daily “playcare” and have made many friends in the process. When we have to leave them for boarding, we feel confident they are in the best hands possible while we are gone. The girls treat the boys like family and we love the staff there like family!
    Kelli Bard
  • It is important to me as a dog owner to socialize my dog & my dog loves playing with other dogs – at Barks & Rec my dog gets both! My husband & I are both full-time workers with crazy schedules. The hours of operation are great with our schedules and we don’t have to feel guilty that our pup is stuck at home anymore. The bonus is our little guy is so tired from playing at Barks & Rec! I could not imagine my life as a dog owner without this place!
    Desiree Meister
  • Barks and Recreation has been an amazing place for Maxwell (10 month Golden Retreiver). He gets so excited when we are on our way there. He has made many human and dog friends. Barks and Recreation has provided Max the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people — he is always worn out when we bring him home. The staff is very loving to the animals. As Max’s mom I feel the staff’s true passion is working and playing with all dogs. We are very grateful that Barks and Recreation exists so that Max has a wonderful place to play and stay when we are away from home. I highly recommend Barks and Recreation.
    Jennifer McKinley
  • Our Cavapoo, Cooper Gene, has been spending weekdays at Barks & Recreation Tallmadge, for just about two years now. We were thrilled to find a place that cares about Cooper as much as we do and that helps us work the long hours we do without guilt and knowing he is having a great time and getting plenty of exercise. It brings us comfort to see his excitement as soon as we turn onto the road towards daycare and the staff’s warm greeting when he enters the front door. He has made many furry friends along the way and is always content and tired when we bring him home at the end of the day! Their boarding service has been a life-saver as well. We can relax and enjoy our vacations, knowing that Cooper is well taken care of and is comfortable in his surroundings. It’s like spending the night at school for him! We are grateful for a staff who feels like family and appreciate them providing a safe and fun space for our Cooper!
    Justin & Joni Fitch
  • Our dog actually jumps for joy when we tell him he’s going to “school” to see all his friends!! He loves it here and we love the fact that he’s safe, cared for, and benefits from the socialization and exercise. We have boarded him and were able to bring his bed and blanket to make him even more comfy. When he needs grooming, Stephanie always makes him look so handsome! The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and total dog lovers! We highly recommend Barks and Recreation!
    Lisa & Tim Heineman
  • Doggie day care – aah, what a wonderful concept! My husband and I “adopted” our son’s dog back in 2008 as he was no longer able to have pets at his home. His name (the dog) is Kashmir and he is truly a joy to have in lives — and he has a lot of energy! He loves to play fetch and tug of war, run around, get treats, and cuddle up at the end of the night. A few years after we got Kashmir, Barks & Recreation opened very close to our home. So, one morning we packed up and went to the day care to get some information. We were very impressed with the facility, the set-up and Amy Beach, the owner. She took the time to show us around and explain how the day care operates. We were sold on the concept instantly and Kashmir has been going to Barks & Recreation since 2011. He goes to daycare a few times a week and he has boarded there while we were on vacation. It is a great place for Kashmir to burn off some energy and play with other dogs. He especially likes the treats he gets when he leaves. We are committed attendees at Barks & Recreation and we are very happy to have such a facility close to our home. Dogs, like humans, need exercise. What a great way to give them room to run especially if they are cooped up in a house all day.  We love Barks & Recreation and so does Kashmir!

    Bruce, Eileen, and Kashmir Ponting
  • Hey dog lovers! Ditto has been a regular here at Barks & Recreation for about 5 years now. It makes me happy to see how excited he gets when I am packing his lunch for the day. He runs to the door and waits impatiently to be loaded into the car. He knows he will have a fun filled day at play and plenty of human attention too. He has  also been boarded on many occasions. They have always taken such good care of him, I even left him under their care 1 week after he had reconstructive surgery on his knee and I had to go out of town. He needed to have restrictions on activities and medication to keep him comfortable. When I got back he was doing great and his incision was beautifully healed. They take care of your pets as if they were their own! I recommend them to all my family and friends.
    Jill Sciko
  • I have been taking my dogs to Barks & Recreation since my last dog was about 3. My last dog Rockne (a huge Goldendoodle) loved everyone and was very mild mannered. My current Goldendoodle (Rudy) also loves everyone but has more energy than he knows what to do with! Both my dogs were so excited at even the mention of going to daycare that I would have to wait till right before I was about to leave to tell them or they would drive me crazy with their excitement. They were so happy to get there and so happy and TIRED when I picked them up. We also have used their groomers for many years who are also wonderful. Both of my dogs have also boarded there and I love that they get to play in daycare all day instead of sitting in a kennel most of the day. Even if we moved out of the local area, I can tell you we will always bring our dogs here, to them it’s like Disneyworld!!!
    Tracey Regan
    Northfield Center, OH
  • The staff at Barks & Recreation is phenomenal! I wouldn’t trust my dog with anyone else. Ziggy is so well cared for and loves being here!
    Jill Allard
  • I am so grateful for Barks & Recreation! I use their daycare and boarding services for my dog Lilly! The reasons why I love it there are Lilly gets extremely excited when we pull into the parking lot, every time I have been in either facility it has been extremely clean, the staff is friendly and caring, and I get to watch Lilly on camera while I am at work or on vacation. I have had nothing but great experiences here and would highly recommend it!
    Kristin Dowling