Dog Grooming

Get your pups looking and smelling their best at a place they love and where they already feel comfortable.

Grooming Overview

We offer full dog grooming services to keep your pup looking and smelling great. You do not need to be a daycare and boarding customer to use our grooming services, but our customers love that their pup can be bathed and groomed in an environment where they already feel safe and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to entrusting someone with making furry kids look and smell their best, we know you have questions — we’ve done our best to answer some of our most frequently asked.


Our Grooming offers both Full Service and ala carte options depending on your needs — and you can always mix and match. Our tiered pricing is the best value in Northeast Ohio — see for yourself.

Grooming Overview

Full Service

Includes a bath with your choice of shampoo and conditioner, haircut, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal glands.


Bath (choice of shampoo and conditioner), 5-minute brushing, ear cleaning


Helps reduce shedding and matting. Talk to our groomer to see if Furminator would be a good option for your pup!

Ala Carte Services

Paws shaved, teeth cleaning, flea bath, nails trimmed can be added to any service.

"The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and total dog lovers! And when he needs grooming, they always make him look so handsome!"

Our dog actually jumps for joy when we tell him he’s going to “school” to see all his friends!! He loves it here and we love the fact that he’s safe, cared for, and benefits from the socialization and exercise. We have boarded him and were able to bring his bed and blanket to make him even more comfy. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and total dog lovers! And when he needs grooming, they always make him look so handsome! We highly recommend Barks and Recreation!

— Lisa and Tim Heineman

Grooming Pricing

Extra-Large Dog

Full Service




Large Dog

Full Service




Medium Dog

Full Service




Small Dog

Full Service




Ala Carte Services

Furminator $40-$60   |   Nails $10-$12   |   Ears $3-$6   |   Teeth $4-$7

We're Always Here to Help

Have a question about pick up and drop off times? Need directions? Finally got that meeting on the books and have to change your schedule? Want to discuss a change in your pup's behavior? Please don't hesitate to reach out — send  us a note through the website or give us a buzz — we're always here to help.


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