Our first MVP for April 2018 is Malley — who has been part of the Barks & Recreation family for 5 years and we love her to pieces. Her favorite activities include playing with her besties, Ellie & Angel, and dunking her face in water bowls. Her favorite days of the week are any days where the staff purchases pizza for lunch.

Smedley Darlington Adam

Our second MVP for April 2018 is Smedley Darlington Adam — who has been a Monday-Friday regular at Barks & Recreation for over 3 years. Friendly and lovable, he enjoys helping the staff by boisterously announcing every arriving dog. Being a Border Collie, he partners with his best girl, Heidi (another Border Collie), to help control the rowdier dogs. His favorite part of the day is chowing down on the homemade treats his mom packs for him.