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B&R Gets a Facelift

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and other updates…

[/trx_title][vc_column_text]Well, the time had come. A new name with the same familiar feel. A new logo. And now a new paint job, a facelift so to speak, and other great updates have come to our Barks and Recreation Facilities.

While Macedonia has seen many of the OBVIOUS changes first (Tallmadge, we’re coming with our paint brushes and rollers for you next…), there are lots of improvements going on behind the scene as well. Just to name a few…

  • Macedonia – Our entire facility has been painted and given a fresh look (check out those pictures).
  • Macedonia – Updated our boarding facilities with some new kennels to give dogs more space and comfort and ensure their safety.
  • Macedonia – New commercial grade high efficiency washer and dryer with a sanitize cycle to continue our commitment to keeping your dogs safe and healthy with us.
  • Macedonia and Tallmadge – No SLIP rugs with our logo for the winter/snow!
  • Tallmadge – Additional cameras added for viewing pleasure!
  • Tallmadge – A new HVAC system to help regulate the humidity and temperatures inside for the pups.
  • Tallmadge – Our turn! Our entire facility got a new paint job. (And we added some new photos to show off!)




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