Congratulations to Dolce, Rosie and Rogue — our Most Valuable Pups (MVPs) for the month of September 2019! In recognition of being chosen as the MVPs, each pup receives a FREE day of Daycare and one to share with a friend.

Most Valuable Pups


Dolce and Rosie

Dolce and Rosie are our Macedonia MVPs for September 2019. Team members since 2014. Their favorite things to do at daycare are wrestle and show all the boy pups up (we love a strong woman in any form). This duo can often be found hanging out with Loke, Cersei and Pepper.



Rogue is our Tallmadge MVP for September 2019. She joined us in 2018 – a fun loving puppy, she loves to wrestle non-stop with all of her friends and her sister (last month’s MVP).