Congratulations Leo & Cooper — our Most Valuable Pups (MVPs) for the month of June 2018. In recognition of being chosen as the MVPs, each pup receives a FREE day of Daycare for himself and one to share with a friend.

Most Valuable Pups
JUNE 2018



Leo is our MVP for Macedonia for June 2018. Leo has been a faithful friend since 2015 and loves to play with his friends, Max and Olivia. He especially enjoys sunbathing with Olivia, who we suspect he’s a little (or a lot) sweet on. He also gets excited when it’s pizza day and the staff shares a bite with him. Congratulations Leo!



Our friend Cooper is our MVP for Tallmadge for June 2018. As one of the first to arrive every morning (Monday through Friday) he has become the official greeter for all of our small dog friends — welcoming each new arrival with a friendly bark and wag of the tail. His sweet face and outgoing disposition have made him a favorite with the girl dogs – especially Sophia. Congratulations Cooper!